Three Track Mind is a design and marketing studio for brands on the verge.

Our Culture

We are a resourceful team with a penchant for poetry. We believe that a strong identity can invigorate purpose. That messages matter. That the internet of things can honor a sense of place. Gratitude grounds our work.

Our Craft

Our craft requires constant evolution. We’ve mindfully tuned our approach to consider how a change agent looks and feels, how it works, and how people experience it.  We draw on our own sense of things as well as a growing combination of knowledge, experience, and skill to discern and deliver good design.

Our People

We advocate for brands in industries related to culture, art, education, environment, food, lifestyle and wellness. We also help entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and startups to lay groundwork, move projects along, and make good on promises.

Desirae Louise Hill, Three Track Mind

Desirae Louise Hill

Desirae holds a BA in Business Administration and Marketing from Western Washington University and a technical degree in Visual Communications for Graphic & Web Design. She is an advocate for the arts and education and teaches part time at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Desirae draws on yoga philosophy and generates dynamism through practice.

Richard “Lotni” Elm-Hill

Lotni holds a BA in Business Administration and is a successful small business entrepreneur. Lotni’s poetry-autobiography Bellingham the City of Some Dude’s Excitement has been featured in the American Indian Studies program at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He is also a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in Applied Teaching and Learning.

Jaclyn Celine Parton

Jaclyn Celine Parton

Jaclyn holds a BA in Business Administration and Marketing from Western Washington University. Jaclyn’s expertise includes certificates for Inbound Marketing, Hootsuite, Google AdWords and Google Analytics. She is an exquisite violinist and has studied music for over 10 years. She is also the Audience Engagement Director at Hand Crank Films.