Thrive, Website by Three Track Mind


Thrive: Excellence in Sport Performance, a mental skills training company based in Seattle, Washington, outgrew a brochure website. Thrive intended to serve clients better by refining the delivery of online training programs.


Thrive’s existing logo is implemented throughout the design and informs the color palette rooted in the orange and blue complementary. A combination of fonts creates a feel that is urban and energetic while remaining pleasant to read. High-quality images were selected to represent athletic inclusivity and edited to create close proximity that allows the viewer to feel inside the action.


The WordPress website has a private client login that gives access to an online training dashboard where a trainee can learn from educational content and submit weekly assignments. Thrive was able to embed their existing library of JotForm forms, and establish a way to sign up for E-news using MailChimp. We set up Google Analytics so Thrive can track the performance and provided basic SEO for friendly keyword search.


We combined and reorganized content from the old GoDaddy website and Blogger blog to allow people to more easily navigate the site. Because Thrive’s foremost attention was placed on the needs of current trainees, the user experience of each online mental skills program serves as another way for Thrive to give value. Players, coaches, and parents keep up with Thrive’s educational content through the reformatted blog and active Twitter feed.