Great Mother and New Father Conference, Website by Three Track Mind


A nonprofit, the Great Mother and New Father Conference embraces change as the original founder, American poet Robert Bly, leaves the conference to the community.


A brand for the Great Mother and New Father Conference intends to establish a consistent name, as well as solidify the authentic image of the Great Mother that has been seen throughout Conference materials for over 40 years. Classic type and color were chosen to honor the tradition and legacy of the mythopoetic imaginiation while remaining applicable to an evolving audience.


A custom child theme created from a foundational WordPress theme with built in custom post types to support visibly organized registration tickets. Annual registration is an evolving process adapting Wufoo forms as needed integrated with both an autoresponder messaging system and a reliable payment gateway.


The Great Mother and New Father Conference continues to use email and print communications as well as a Facebook group to create authentic connection among its community members. An administered Facebook page serves to share official announcements. Advances in technology has made the conference more accessible to a younger audience. At the same time, a discerning balance is always considered to honor true connection.