Kaleidoscope Yoga Website by Three Track Mind


Lo Nathamundi started a community yoga movement and needed a website and an identity to symbolize community yoga for the people. Rooted in sacred geometry, yoga, and human interaction, Kaleidoscope Community Yoga brand identity would need to reflect connectedness.


Using simple shapes, line, and a worldly color palette we created a brand identity that balances simplicity with playfulness. The logo represents a healing human mandala of interconnectedness.


To create a strong foundation for community, we wanted to create a brand that would stand the test of time. Identity deliverables have been extended to a website, flyers, posters, training manuals, book covers, brochures, t-shirts, bumper stickers and social media platforms.


A long time client, Kaleidoscope Community Yoga has since expanded globally with active communities in Washington, Oregon, Kentucky and Lima, Peru. Having published a second edition of his book, and versions published in Spanish and French, Kaleidoscope Community Yoga is on its way to becoming a global name.