Teabook Home Page, Brand Story, Content, Layout by Three Track Mind


The idea that truly great tea could be more readily available inspired Teabook’s transition from high end personal sales to an online subscription offering traditional Chinese Tea to modern tea drinkers. A company looking for rapid sales, Teabook needed to grow their audience in a hurry.


Inspired to match the elegance of the traditional tea drinking experience, we established space and reduced clutter of inherited designs while honoring the foundational brand elements. Our efforts included refining voice and tone for the brand by sourcing imagery, writing copy, defining messaging, and giving overall design direction.


A refined brand strategy informed the content strategy for Teabook’s new ecommerce subscription platform. Playing role of project manager, we reinvented structure for pages, established hierarchy and layout guidelines as well as user flow, in the wireframes for the new design. In our efforts to support Teabook’s startup culture, we also implemented tools to help the evolving team centralize project management.


We developed a nuanced and strategic social media plan to match the needs of a proposed target audience with insight from user research and consumer profiles. The quality and resonance of daily curated and original social media content vastly improved. In this way, we established a unified and branded social media presence across platforms—doubling Teabook’s Twitter following while organically building a foundational Facebook audience.

Additionally, our tea industry and editorial outreach efforts landed earned content including several articles and video product reviews in a very short time frame.